Agility Trials Resources


Clean Run Magazine has monthly articles on all levels of agility, many for the beginner as well as experienced handlers.

All DVDs and books can be found on the Clean Run site.  Many more good DVDs/books are listed that cover any areas that a handler would like to work on. (Focus, games, distance, crosses, motivation, proofing, ring nerves, start lines, weave poles…)

Additional praise and recommendation for Clean Run magazine referred to it as the best source for agility. It has a full list of suggested materials and training exercises.

The most important thing is to seek methods which work for your dog and your breed.  As one trainer wrote, “as you become more advanced, some books are really more for Border Collies and their behaviors are very different from normal dogs.”

Many of the books/DVDs listed below can be purchased at Amazon as well as through

Foundation (Flatwork, groundwork) what you and your dog need to know before getting equipment:

  • Foundation Training for Agility: The Road to a Perfect Partnership by Moe Strenfel -Clean Run Productions LLC – DVD
  • Foundation Fundamentals:  Important Skills to Train Before Introducing Agility Equipment by Mary Ellen Barry – Clean Run Productions LLC – DVD
  • Shaping Success: The Education of an Unlikely Champion by Susan Garrett
  • Clean Run Productions LLC – book
  • Contacts: Bridging the Gap Between Training & Competition by Rachel Sanders
  • Clean Run Productions LLC – DVD
  • From the Ground Up: Agility foundation training for puppies and beginner dogs by Kim Collins.  Available through Amazon as well.
  • Jumping by Susan Salo.  She has two DVDs one on Puppy Jumping and the other on Foundation Jumping.  Good reviews.
  • Agility Start to Finish by Diane Bauman. Well worth reading.
  • Excelling at Dog Agility by Jane Simmons-Moake. This is a series of books which provide detailed lesson plans for Beginner, Intermediate I and Intermediate II agility training classes.
  • Agility Right from the Start:  the ultimate training guide to America’s fastest growing dog sport.  By Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh

More advanced training:

  • Alphabet Drills Book by Nancy Gyes (jumping skills)
  • Clean Run Productions LLC – book  Highly recommended
  • Developing Handling Skills for Awesome Agility Teams by Linda Mecklenburg
  • Clean Run Productions LLC – book
  • On Course to Excel by Greg Derrett
  • GT Agility – DVD